A downloadable game for Windows

A huge spaceship is going to attack the city in the desert! Eliminate it before it reaches it.

You can choose to destroy any of its power crytals (movement, weapons, shields) at any order to stop it.

Game made by Burnt Tongue Team.




Production & Sound - Laura Tort – LinkedIn

Design - Angel Maldonado – LinkedIn

Programmer - Jaume Fabrega – LinkedIn

Programmer - Francesc Pera – LinkedIn

Art - Joan Centellas – LinkedIn

Install instructions

Inside the compressed file you'll find a folder containing the game and its data. Extract the whole folder in the place you like. Double click the game inside it to run it.

Keyboard controls

WASD - Movement

Right Cntl - Misile Attack

Space - Laser Attack


InvadersInTheEarth.zip 13 MB


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