A downloadable Dandelion for Windows

Help our little wind up robot get to the end of his adventure!

He moves left, right and when pressing both arrows he jumps using the airscrew on his head. Falling on the enemies helps him jump higher and stuns them for a while. Don't be reckless and jump wisely, as he will loose energy every time.

Enjoy it!

Game made during LD 34 and using Unity by
Angel Maldonado (@AML_blackname) Design and Code
Jaume Fabrega (@jaume_fc) Code
Laura Tort (@midoricampbells)Music & SFX
Joan Centellas (@JoanCenJim)Art

Install instructions


Right Arrow: Move/Jump Right
Left Arrow: Move/Jump Left
Left Arrow&Right Arrow: Turbo Dive!

****How to Play****
Move and fall over the enemies to gain a boost. Use your airscrew up to three times and chain up combos to get to the goal.
And remember you NEED to bounce over an enemy to start using your three boosts!


dandelion_windows.rar 34 MB


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Please make it exe for to download directly in itch software.

I'll tell the programmers :) It may take a while since we're doing the finishing touches on our Global Game Jam entry.